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co2 Cylinder Filling Systems

Ethylene Oxide Filling Station

Ethylene Oxide Filling Station
  • Ethylene Oxide Filling Station
  • Ethylene Oxide Filling Station
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Gas Container Type: Cylinder
  • Gas Type: Ethylene Oxide
  • Brand/Make: Ashirwad Carbonics
  • Corrosion Proof: Yes
  • Finish: Matte

We manufacture Ethylene Oxide Filling Station. Many specialty gases are sold in cylinders. Before these cylinders can be filled again, they must be completely emptied, and carefully examined for possible failures. Even in the filling station itself, an amount of dangerous gas can rest behind after filling and closing of the cylinder. This gas must be carefully removed, and the flexible must be vacuumed, before the cylinder can be disconnected from the flexible.



  • Mulch-Purpose Scrubbers- We have special multi-purpose scrubbers for both tasks. The cylinders are attached to these scrubbers, and the gas residues are removed. Next, they are chemically transformed into much more harmless products, with a higher boiling point. In some cases, these products can be used as secondary raw materials.
  • Vacuum- The scrubber immediately generates a vacuum in the cylinders, eliminating the need for a vacuum pump. The flexibles in the filling station are also emptied and vacuumed, preventing the escape of dangerous gases to the environment.
  • Security- To avoid that any reactive scrubber solution could be sucked back into the vacuumed cylinder or flexible, 4 distinct security mechanisms are active. Because of these precautions, our scrubbers handle power interruptions, pump failure or other unexpected incidents without any safety risks.
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